Single Engine Piston (SEP) with EFIS

Privileges and conditions:
This difference training course will give the pilot knowledge and skills for flying the SEP (land) with EFIS class of aircraft in a safe manner and according to the regulation of the authorities in order to be able to pass CAA skill test for class rating SEP (land).

Applicants for the SEP (land) class rating must hold at least LAPL(A), a LAPL-medical or medical certificate class 1/2 and completed a language proficiency test with at least level 4 in Swedish or English.

Flight Training:
At least 4 hours of flight instruction.

Price from 9 000 SEK

Theory Training:
The SEP theoretical knowledge instruction is based on self-study and 3 hours ground lesson ahead of the flight training.

Price 3 000 SEK

Note: Examination and Certificate costs not included.