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eFlight Training

We are an ATO based at Trollhättan Airport ESGT Sweden that provide flight training to Private Pilot License (PPL/LAPL), Instrument Rating (CB IR/BIR), Class rating and Additional ratings.

Next Distance Theory Course start

2023-03-15Wed 17-19CB IR/BIRESSB Bromma
2023-03-18Sat 11-13CB IR/BIRESMS Sturup
2023-03-19Sun 9-11PPL/LAPLESGT Trollhättan
2023-03-19Sun 11-13CB IR/BIRESGT Trollhättan

Flight planning

We use ForeFlight and Svenska Flygfält on our EFB’s (Electronic Flight Bag).

Flights today at ESGT

Fly with Västflyg BMA-THN

We have an agreement with Västflyg for our students. Please contact us for further information.