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eFlight Training

We are an ATO based at Trollhättan Airport ESGT Sweden that provide flight training to Private Pilot License (PPL/LAPL), Instrument Rating (CB IR/BIR), Class rating and Additional ratings. EASA Approved SE.ATO.0034

Distance theory course start (2024.2)

PPL/LAPL – 2024-09-07 SAT 10-12
CB IR/BIR – 2024-09-07 SAT 13-15

CB IR/BIR – 2024-09-08 SUN 12-14


New calculation of instrument time

In order to harmonize with other EASA member states, the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority has decided that flight training time for IR is now counted as block time.
This means that minimum flight training time for CB IR is now 40 hours block time compared to previously 40 hours instrument time (time during which a pilot is controlling an aircraft in flight solely by reference to instruments).

Flights today at ESGT
Flight planning

We use ForeFlight on our EFB’s (Electronic Flight Bag) for planning and preparation of VFR and IFR flights.

Fly with Västflyg BMA-THN

We have an agreement with Västflyg for our students. Please contact us for further information.

Pilot’s equipment