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Next event – ESGT Trollhättan

CB IR/BIR – Classroom Lessons

2023-08-2634Sat 13-15Distance Theory Course startTA
2023-10-1441Sat 8-17RNAV, INS, HPWK
2023-10-1541Sun 8-17ALW, School tests and reviewWK, TA
2023-11-0444Sat 8-17COM, MET, FPMWK
2023-11-0544Sun 8-13School tests and reviewWK, TA

PPL/LAPL – Classroom Lessons

2023-08-2634Sat 10-12Distance Theory Course startTA
2023-09-2338Sat 8-17AGK, POFNS
2023-09-2438Sun 8-17ALW, School tests and reviewDN, TA
2023-10-28 *43Sat 8-17HP, COMDB, DJ
2023-10-29 *43Sun 8-17MET, School tests and reviewWK, TA
2023-11-1846Sat 8-17NAV, OPTA, DN
2023-11-1946Sun 8-17FPP, School tests and reviewPD, TA

* Changed

NR – Classroom Lessons

Next course TBNOperational procedure night

CAA Tests (PEXO)

DateWeekDay/TimeType of testCourse*
2023-09-2539Mon 17-21CAA tests (PEXO)PPL
2023-10-1642Mon 17-21CAA tests (PEXO)CB IR
2023-10-3044Mon 17-21CAA tests (PEXO)PPL
2023-11-0645Mon 17-21CAA tests (PEXO)CB IR
2023-11-2047Mon 17-21CAA tests (PEXO)PPL

* Theory tests are planned for each course, but it’s possible to write the desired exam at any opportunity