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About us

eFlight Training was founded early 2021 and operates in close cooperation with Trollhättans flight club by sharing facilities and aircrafts. In June 2021 we received our ATO-certificate (SE.ATO.0034). The flight school was started already in 2002 and with eFlight Training we have now developed to also include training for Instrument Rating.

High safety and good Airmanship are the basis for all operations within the flight school. Our goal is to provide the best possible training for improved flying skills and flight safety. We believe that the introduction of Instrument Rating courses (CB IR/BIR) really increases flight safety for private aviation, and our distance theory courses have increased accessibility to flight training.

We aim for a sustainable development and our intention is to invest in an electric aircraft in the near future.

Our team
ESGT Trollhättan

Anders Hjort
JAS instructor at Såtenäs

Björn Olof Henningsson
Captain at SmartLynx

William Körner
F/O at SAS

Johnny Daun
Captain at Västflyg

Nils Schylström
JAS pilot at Såtenäs

Daniel Buvarp

Daniel Johnson
Theory training instructor

Dick Nyvall
Theory training instructor

ESSB Bromma

Krister Lundberg
IRI/Site Responsible at ESSB Bromma

Daniel Viktorsson
IRI at ESSB Bromma
Senior FE

ESMS Sturup

Ulf Hansson
IRI/Site Responsible at ESMS Sturup

Mikael Roslund
IRI at ESMS Sturup

Christer Westerlund
IRI at ESMS Sturup
Captain at NyxAir

Mikael Sörensson
Theory training instructor

John Haraldsson
IRI at ESMS Sturup
F/O at BRA

ESGR Skövde

Jörgen Davidsson