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New calculation of instrument time

In order to harmonize with other EASA member states, the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority has decided that flight training time for IR is now counted as block time.
This means that minimum flight training time for CB IR is now 40 hours block time compared to previously 40 hours instrument time (time during which a pilot is controlling an aircraft in flight solely by reference to instruments).

Pass rate on CAA tests (PEXO)

We are proud to announce that our CB IR/BIR students now have a pass rate of 95%, and our PPL/LAPL students 96%, on the CAA theory tests.

New theory training literature from

We have a new agreement with market leader who will provide theory training literature for CB IR/BIR, PPL/LAPL, Technical course C172/PA28, NR and PBN.

Two new ATO Training sites, ESMS Malmö Sturup and ESSB Stockholm Bromma

We have received Swedish CAA’s approval to perform flight and theory training for CB IR and BIR at two new sites.
We work in close cooperation with Sturup and Stockholm’s flight club. At Sturup, the aircraft SE-MLM and SE-MCC, and at Bromma SE-KMO will be used for instrument training. All aircrafts are PBN approved.

Garmin EFIS installed in SE-KMR

Our Piper Archer II is back with newly installed Garmin EFIS and autopilot. The professional installation was carried out by Samionics in Eskilstuna.

Theory and flight training to Basic Instrument Rating (BIR)

We are proud to announce that we now have received Swedish CAA’s approval to perform flight and theory training to Basic Instrument Rating.

ATO certificate

Today we received our ATO certificate SE.ATO.0034 after many hours of hard work with manuals and procedures.