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Theory Course Start

2022-09-0335Sat 10-12Distance Theory (PPL/LAPL)
2022-09-0335Sat 13-15Distance Theory (CB IR/BIR)
TBDTheory Course Night Rating (NR)

Classroom Lessons at ESGT

2022-10-0139Sat 8-17AGK, POFPPL
2022-10-0239Sun 8-17ALW/OP, COMPPL
2022-10-2242Sat 8-17ALW, INS, FPM, HPCB IR
2022-10-2342Sun 8-15MET, NAV, COMCB IR
2022-11-0544Sat 8-17NAV, FPPPPL
2022-11-0644Sun 8-17MET, HPPPL

Theory Tests (next opportunity)

DateWeekDay/TimeType of testCourse*
2022-07-0326Sun 10-12School testPPL/CB IR
2022-07-0326Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)PPL/CB IR
2022-10-0840Sat 8-12School testPPL
2022-10-0940Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)PPL
2022-10-2943Sat 8-12School testCB IR
2022-10-3043Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)CB IR
2022-11-1245Sat 8-12School testPPL
2022-11-1345Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)PPL/CB IR
2022-11-2046Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)PPL

* Theory tests are planned for each course, but it’s possible to write the desired exam at any opportunity