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Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL)

Privileges and conditions

Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) will give you the privileges to act as a pilot in command in non-commercial operations in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) on single engine aircraft, with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2 000 kg or less, with a maximum of 4 persons onboard. After the issuance of the LAPL license, the pilot must have completed 10 hours of flight time as PIC before he/she can carry passengers.

Applicants for a LAPL shall be at least 17 years old.
LAPL-medical or medical certificate class 1 or 2 must be obtained before first solo flying.

Credits for previous experience

Requirements for pilots holding an LAPL(S)/SPL with the privileges to fly TMGs:

  • 21 hours of flight time on TMGs after the endorsement of the TMG privileges
  • 3 hours of flight instruction, including 10 dual take-offs and landings and 10 supervised solo take-offs and landings
  • Skill test where the applicant must also demonstrate theoretical knowledge in the following subjects: Operational procedures, Flight performance and planning, Aircraft general knowledge

Requirements for pilots with prior experience as PIC:

  • The amount of credit shall be decided by the DTO/ATO on the basis of a pre-entry flight test, but shall in any case not exceed 50 % of the hours required, and not exceed the total flight time as PIC
  • PPL theoretical knowledge examination

Flight Training

At least 30 hours of flight instruction. When applicable, credit for previous experience may be given.

Price from 66 000 SEK 

Theory Training

The PPL/LAPL theory training consists of 120 hours (15 hours per week) distance learning/self studies with digital training literature from, ELSA – Education and Learning System for Aviation, followed by 24 hours classroom instruction conducted at the flight schools facilities at Trollhättan Airport.
The price includes support during the self-study period, progress monitoring, classroom lessons, school tests and planning for CAA tests.


  • AGK – Aircraft general knowledge
  • POF – Principles of flight
  • ALW – Air law
  • OP – Operational procedures
  • COM – Communications
  • NAV – Navigation
  • FPP – Flight performance and planning
  • MET – Meteorology
  • HP – Human performance

Price 9 500 SEK (Exclusive training material) To be paid before the course starts.

You buy your training material here

Theory and Flight package PPL/LAPL

Theory Course start week 11 and 35. You can start your flight training and self studies anytime!

Note: All prices incl VAT. Examination and Certificate costs not included.

Videos/photos from training

Test Lesson
NAV to ESOK Pilot: Fredrik Nielsen

Theory Course schedule – PPL/LAPL

WeekWeekDay/TimeLessonGround lessonClassroom (h)Distance (h)
1135Sat 10-120Introduction2
1236Self studies AGK15
1337Self studies POF15
1438Self studies ALW, OP15
1539Self studies COM15
1640Sat 8-121AGK – Aircraft general knowledge3
Sat 13-172POF – Principles of flight3
Sun 8-123ALW – Air law, OP – Operational procedures3
Sun 13-174COM – Communications3
1741Sat 8-125School test3
Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)3
1842Self studies NAV15
1943Self studies FPP15
2044Self studies MET15
2145Self studies HP15
2246Sat 8-126NAV – Navigation3
Sat 13-177FPP – Flight performance and planning3
Sun 8-128MET – Meteorology3
Sun 13-179HP – Human performance3
2347Sat 8-1210School test3
Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)3
2448Sun 12-16CAA retest (PEXO)3