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Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR)

Privileges and conditions

Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR) will give pilots holding a PPL(A) or CPL(A) the privileges to fly under IFR, including PBN operations, with a minimum decision height of no less than 200 feet (60 m). Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR) will give you the same privileges as Instrument Rating (IR) but with less theory and flight training.

An applicant for a modular CB IR course shall:

  • hold at least a valid PPL(A), and 
  • have completed at least 50 hours cross-country as PIC of which at least 10 hours shall be in the relevant aircraft category.
  • have the privileges to fly aeroplanes at night if the IR privileges will be used at night.

If an instrument rating is added to a PPL, the licence holder shall undertake pure tone audiometry examinations in accordance with the periodicity and the standard required for class 1 medical certificate holders.
Before skill test, the student must have completed a language proficiency test with at least level 4 in English.

The flight training can be partially completed with a freelance instrument rating instructor. A minimum of 10 hours of instrument flight time under instruction must be completed at an ATO.

Flight Training

At least 40 hours instrument flight time under instruction. Approximately 45 hours block time. When applicable, credit for previous experience may be given.

Price from 103 500 SEK 

Theory Training

The CB IR/BIR(A) theory training consists of 105 hours (15 hours per week) distance learning/self studies with literature from The CB-IR Series, followed by 14 hours classroom instruction conducted at the flight schools facilities at Trollhättan Airport.


  • ALW – Air law
  • INS – Instrumentation
  • FPM – Flight planning and monitoring
  • HP – Human Performance
  • MET – Meteorology
  • NAV – Radio navigation
  • COM – Communications

Price 14 000 SEK (Exclusive training material)

You buy your training material here

The CB-IR series by Erlend Våge
Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual GSPRM

Theory Course start week 11 and 35. You can start your flight training and self studies anytime!

This course is available at ESGT Trollhättan, ESSB Bromma and ESMS Malmö Sturup.

Note: All prices incl VAT. Examination and Certificate costs not included.

Videos/photos from training

IFR EN-ROUTE ESGT-ESOK Pilot: Anders Heland
FM HOLDING FL080 Pilot: Per Djäknegren

Flight Lessons – CB IR

Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 1
1.1Use of flight manual
1.2Pre-flight inspection
1.3General handling
1.4Recovery from unusual attitudes, stall
1.6Progress check
Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 2
2.1Weather minima
2.2Pre-take-off briefing, take-off
2.3Instrument departure procedures
2.4Arrival procedures
2.5Holding procedure (NDB)
2.6Holding procedure (VOR, RNAV)
2.73D operations (ILS)
2.83D operations (ILS) cont.
2.93D operations (RNP)
2.102D operations (NDB)
2.112D operations (LOC, VOR)
2.122D operations (RNP)
2.14Progress check
Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 3
3.1Use of air traffic services document
3.2Preparation of ATC and IFR flight plan
3.3En-route IFR procedures
3.4En-route IFR procedures cont.
3.6Progress check

Theory Course schedule – CB IR/BIR

WeekWeekDay/TimeLessonGround lessonClassroom (h)Distance (h)
1135Sat 13-150Introduction2
1236Self studies ALW15
1337Self studies INS15
1438Self studies FPM15
1539Self studies HP15
1640Self studies MET15
1741Self studies NAV15
1842Self studies COM15
1943Sat 8-121ALW – Air law2
2INS – Instrumentation2
Sat 13-173FPM – Flight planning and monitoring2
4HP – Human performance2
Sun 8-125MET – Meteorology2
6NAV – Radio navigation2
Sun 13-157COM – Communications2
2044Sat 8-128School test4
Sun 12-16CAA test 1 (PEXO)4
2347Sun 12-16CAA test 2 (PEXO)4