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Night Rating (NR)

Privileges and conditions

Night Rating (NR) will give pilots holding a LAPL(A) or PPL(A) knowledge and skills to exercise their privileges at night in a safe manner and according to the regulation of the authorities.

The training shall be completed within a period of up to 6 months.

Applicants for night rating must hold a LAPL or PPL, a LAPL-medical or medical certificate class 1 or 2.
The licence holder shall be colour safe.
Before completing the training at night, LAPL holders shall have completed the basic instrument flight training required for the issue of the PPL.

Flight Training

At least 6 hours of flight instruction (7 hours for LAPL holders).

Price from 16 200 SEK. Paid by installments during the course. (Approximately 2 700 SEK per block hour with a flight instructor in the Piper PA28 with EFIS)

Theory Training

The Night Rating theoretical knowledge instruction is based on self-study and 3 hours ground lesson ahead of the flight training.

The price include:

  • NR course in Swedish or English
  • Support during the self-study period including progress monitoring
  • Classroom lessons
  • School test with review

Price 3 000 SEK. Paid before the theory course starts.

Theory Course start, see under Next event in the menu.

Note: This course is available at ESGT Trollhättan. All prices include VAT. Flight club membership, Examination and Certificate costs are not included.

Flight Lessons – NR
Ground lessons – Night RatingTotal TimeClassroomDistanceCBT
1GOperational procedure night33
Flight lessons – Night Rating
1Basic instrument flight training (LAPL)
2Instrument flight training
3Night take-off and landings
4Emergency procedures
5Solo night circuits (5 full stop T/O, LDG)
6Night cross-country (dual 1h, >27 Nm)