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Distance Theory Course (PPL/LAPL)

Privileges and conditions

This distance theory course will give you all theory training needed for PPL/LAPL.
The course includes three weekends of classroom instruction at the flight school and if desired, we will plan CAA examinations (PEXO) in direct connection with these occasions.

School tests and CAA examinations are performed at the flight school.

Theory Training

The PPL/LAPL theory training consists of 135 hours (15 hours per week) distance learning/self studies with web based literature from followed by 27 hours classroom instruction conducted at the flight schools facilities at Trollhättan Airport.

The price includes:

  • PPL or LAPL course in Swedish or English
  • Support during the self-study period including progress monitoring
  • Classroom lessons
  • School tests with review
  • Planning for CAA tests


  • AGK – Aircraft general knowledge
  • POF – Principles of flight
  • ALW – Air law
  • MET – Meteorology
  • COM – Communications
  • HP – Human performance
  • NAV – Navigation
  • FPP – Flight performance and planning
  • OP – Operational procedures

Price 14 500 SEK. To be paid before the course starts. (Exclusive additional training material)

You buy your additional training material here

Stockholm ICAO chart
Jeppesen ST-CSG Flight computer
Civil Air L1P Gama PPL

Theory Course start week 12 and 34. You can start your flight training and self studies anytime!

Note: All prices incl VAT. Examination and Certificate costs not included.

Theory Course schedule – PPL/LAPL

WeekWeekDay/TimeLessonGround lessonClassroom (h)Distance (h)
1234Sat 10-120Introduction2
1335Self studies AGK15
1436Self studies POF15
1537Self studies ALW15
1638Self studies repetition
1638Sat 8-121AGK – Aircraft general knowledge3
Sat 13-172POF – Principles of flight3
Sun 8-123ALW – Air law3
Sun 13-174Progress check, school tests and review3
1739Mon 17-21CAA test (PEXO)
1739Self studies MET15
1840Self studies COM15
1941Self studies HP15
2042Self studies repetition
2042Sat 8-125MET – Meteorology3
Sat 13-176COM – Communication3
Sun 8-127HP – Human performance3
Sun 13-178Progress check, school tests and review3
2143Mon 17-21CAA test (PEXO)
2143Self studies NAV15
2244Self studies FPP15
2345Self studies OP15
2446Self studies repetition
2446Sat 8-129NAV – Navigation3
Sat 13-1710FPP – Flight performance and planning3
Sun 8-1211OP – Operational procedures3
Sun 13-1712Progress check, school tests and review3
2547Mon 17-21CAA test (PEXO)