Flight Lessons – CB IR

Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 1
1.1Use of flight manual
1.2Pre-flight inspection
1.3General handling
1.4Recovery from unusual attitudes, stall
1.6Progress check
Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 2
2.1Weather minima
2.2Pre-take-off briefing, take-off
2.3Instrument departure procedures
2.4Arrival procedures
2.5Holding procedure (NDB)
2.6Holding procedure (VOR, RNAV)
2.73D operations (ILS)
2.83D operations (ILS) cont.
2.93D operations (RNP)
2.102D operations (NDB)
2.112D operations (LOC, VOR)
2.122D operations (RNP)
2.14Progress check
Flight lessons – CB IR (SE) Phase 3
3.1Use of air traffic services document
3.2Preparation of ATC and IFR flight plan
3.3En-route IFR procedures
3.4En-route IFR procedures cont.
3.6Progress check