WeekDay/TimeLessonGround lessonClassroom (h)Distance (h)
1235Sat 10-120Introduction2
1336Self studies AGK15
1437Self studies POF15
1538Self studies ALW, OP15
1639Self studies COM15
1639Sat 08-121Aircraft general knowledge3
Sat 13-172Principles of flight3
Sun 08-123Air law, Operational procedures3
Sun 13-174Communications3
1740Sat 08-125School test3
Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)3
1841Self studies NAV15
1942Self studies FPP15
2043Self studies MET15
2144Self studies HP15
2144Sat 08-126Navigation3
Sat 13-177Flight performance and planning3
Sun 08-128Meteorology3
Sun 13-179Human performance3
2245Sat 08-1210School test3
Sun 12-16CAA test (PEXO)3
2346Sun 12-16CAA retest (PEXO)3