Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR)

Privileges and conditions:
Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR) will give pilots holding a PPL(A) the privileges to fly under IFR, including PBN operations, with a minimum decision height of no less than 200 feet (60 m).

An applicant for a modular CB IR course shall:

  • hold at least a valid PPL(A), and 
  • have completed at least 50 hours cross-country as PIC of which at least 10 hours shall be in the relevant aircraft category.
  • have the privileges to fly aeroplanes at night if the IR privileges will be used at night.

If an instrument rating is added to a PPL, the licence holder shall undertake pure tone audiometry examinations in accordance with the periodicity and the standard required for class 1 medical certificate holders.
Before skill test, the student must have completed a language proficiency test with at least level 4 in English.

Flight Training:
At least 40 hours instrument flight time under instruction. Approximately 45 hours block time.

Price from 103 500 SEK 

Theory Training:
The CB IR(A) theory training consists of 105 hours (15 hours per week) distance learning/self studies with literature from The CB-IR Series, followed by 14 hours classroom instruction conducted at the flight schools facilities at Trollhättan Airport.

Price 12 000 SEK (Exclusive training material)

You buy your training material here:
The CB-IR series Erlend Våge
Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual GSPRM

Theory Course start week 12 and 35. You can start your flight training and self studies anytime!

Note: Examination and Certificate costs not included.